Finding the Right Home

It is always my goal to find the home that most suits my clients needs and price range. I know that the longer you are able to live in a home, the more equity you will  build. (For the beginner, equity is the balance of what the home would sell for less the amount owed on the mortgage.) You can also gain equity upfront by buying a home that needs some updating and freshening. Homes that are brand new or just totally remodeled sell for top dollar. It is wise to consider buying a home that may require fresh paint or new carpet or floors refinished or even taking out a wall.  The money you spend can increase the value and equity much more than the cost of the improvement. If you are handy, all the better!  Considering a home that needs some work will often get your more square footage. And more square footage means that you will not outgrow the home quickly. 

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